Revolution is a Sky TV gameshow featuring skaters, BMXers and skateboarders competing in a massive indoor arena. Fox greenlit a US pilot of the show, which we worked on.
Kanye mash it?
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January 2018
Sometimes we get asked to do something seemingly impossible. To open the Fox US pilot of Revolution, the production team wanted us to combine Kanye West's Power (already a mash-up of sorts - a track crammed with samples) with Bruno Mars/Grandmaster Flash's The 24K Message (again already a mash-up). So far so good, but the problem was vast BPM differences which just made it seem like something not do-able - The Power is 154 BPM while The 24K Message is 106 BPM. So surely that's got to count it out?

We're not ones to easily give up and also don't accept nasty stretching or pitching artifacts! With some creative thinking - together with some technical wizardry - we made it sound natural and credible... and then started having fun with it, putting these two tracks together in full mashup style. It was arranged to be fully choreographed to - we hope to have video available soon.

So, a mashup of a mashup of a mashup... sounds like this...
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