we write and produce powerful and original music & themes for TV, radio & online
we offer a range of ground breaking and shaking imaging FX packages and create stunning original custom sound design to order
we produce pioneering and award-winning audio imaging packages for radio and TV – from concept to completion
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we are noise fusion

Founded in 2004, noise fusion is a London, UK-based production company creating Sony Award winning music, sound design and audio imaging for the world's top radio, TV and online brands, and the advertising industry. We work across all formats and genres and have a proven track record of delivering custom projects on time and on budget for some of the biggest media companies across the globe. Clients include MTV, BBC Radio 1, Channel 4, BBC 6 Music, Kiss and Capital in the UK, and Corus Radio Group in Canada, Oui FM in Paris and KINK in the Netherlands.

noise fusion has a strong pedigree of pioneering distinctive audio imaging for alternative, contemporary and urban formats, while our original music is heard daily on UK national television and beyond. Our large portfolio of ground-breaking production FX libraries have won wide acclaim and are used on hundreds of radio stations and brands across every continent.

we forge the sound of now

Music and sound is our obsession and we believe in creating audio that moves you – that makes you feel. Our work is a fusion of art and science – a mix of pioneering creativity blended with deep technical know-how. We work in all genres - from shimmering pop to menacing trap to vocal orchestral to underground electronica - and everything in-between. Whatever the context, the result is always original, meticulously crafted audio that elevates the project. Our high-end studio facility brings together four decades of music production technology, from the massive analogue sound of 70s Moogs to today's cutting edge digital tools. We're passionate about operating at an exceptionally high level, both creatively and technologically; about being at the forefront of new sounds and new ideas.

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas.
I'm frightened of the old ones. John Cage, 1988

noise fusion is ben neidle +

noise fusion's founder and creative director is music producer Ben Neidle. As XFM London's main imaging producer and station voice, Ben scooped three highly coveted Sony Radio Academy Awards for his imaging work, together with a New York Radio Award. Now, with a reputation as one of the best in the business, Ben applies his unique production and music-writing skills to brands all over the world. Ben works directly on every project we undertake and frequently collaborates with a select team of exceptional musicians and producers from the UK and beyond. Connect with Ben on Twitter and LinkedIn or get in touch with him through our contact page.

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