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next-gen elite imaging

Calling the big dogs. The elite imaging producers. The players. The biggest, baddest and best radio stations in the world.

It's here: the elite imaging producer’s secret weapon. noise fusion's DNA encapsulated in a vast library of audio imaging FX and music produced by Ben Neidle. A library designed to create unrivalled station sound. A library that’s already used by some of the best. Cue demo.

the sound of capital

Officially used by the best in the business – Ultra began as an exclusive custom FX package for Capital UK, using the library as the core of their imaging for over five years. We worked with the team at Capital to design a next-gen package which generates extreme sonic excitement on air that's also an incredibly useful toolkit in the producer's arsenal.

ultra is available now

Evolved to over 4000 cuts and counting – encompassing 20 GB of high-res audio – Ultra is a powerful and vast complete audio imaging system stamped with the signature noise fusion sound. An ever-expanding library that's everything you need to create advanced, next-gen audio imaging. And it can finally be accessed worldwide with market exclusivity.

Ultra is available to licence globally with flexible licensing models, including usage-based (performance logging), fees or barter. Get in touch to discuss what could work for you and your market – email studio@noisefusion.com, direct message us here or call us on +44 (0)20 7249 5788 – and get Ultra on the air now.

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