Crack The Code
Rasprodz Ltd
An innovative game for online and radio which bridges the gap between traditional contests and interactive gaming, Crack The Code allows listeners to compete on-air and online to unlock a bank vault full of cash.
What's the code?
project type
Music production and sound design
June 2009
Radio programming specialists Rasprodz chose noise fusion to rebrand and refresh the sound of Crack The Code. We kept the existing sonic logo but gave it a new twist and created an energy-packed and punchy bed which contains plenty of drama as it evolves into different genres. Elements of the music evoke a conspiratorial 'breaking the vault'-like feel. Just, erm, like cracking the code, in fact.
We produced a three minute long piece with stemmed mixouts for Rasprodz - designed for their producers to use to create individual idents. The audio presented here is the unadulterated long-form music; we hope to be able to bring you the ident cuts at a later date.
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